Chrissy Teigen Here to Clarify That Licking Doritos Warrants No Cause for Concern

As it turns out, one cannot simply enjoy Doritos cheese particles without it causing an uproar.

Chrissy Teigen loves food. We love Chrissy Teigen. Hell, she might just be the Julia Child of our generation. So why, oh why must the supermodel-cum-cookbook author be forced make a public statement on Twitter such as this:

Teigen was featured in an article on the food site Delish that gave readers a glimpse into the food habits of maiden soup master flex. In this drool-worthy profile, we learned that she prefers a protein-heavy breakfast of “two over-easy eggs, turkey bacon or pork sausage, sliced avocado, and grilled tomatoes”, and that dinner is the biggest meal of her day. Much like Peter Piper, pickled peppers are Teigen’s pantry staple, and pizza is preferred over dessert. However, the comment causing controversy is in regards to her unique Doritos ritual. Teigen shared with Delish,

“I lick off the nacho cheese seasoning and put the chips back in the bag. You still get all the flavor, not all the carbs!”

Which apparently fired up the trolls of social media.


Can’t we just focus on what’s really cooking here?

Chrissy Teigen is allowed to eat what she wants, how she wants without question because she an inspiration to our appetites.

She can eat “meat foods”.

Pit stop of skee-ball and long meat foods before our flight to Dallas! #FABLife @lukecdillon

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Soup, on her couch with John Legend and their dog Pippa.

@jrugg8 @1maryphillips @anitapatrickson I love you guys so hard   A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on


And brie cheese, even if it doesn’t quite make it into her mouth.


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So eyes on your own dish and,