Kristen Stewart Can’t Win the To Smile or Not To Smile Game

K-Stew Thinks You're Weird
If you think she doesn't smile...

Poor K-Stew.

If you’ve been keeping up with Kristen Stewart’s other press tour — the one not about American Ultra — you’ll know that she’s been bombarded with way too many questions about whether or not she actually smiles.

The latest stop was on Tuesday when she dropped by The Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon commended her for being “a very smiley person.”

Of her recent Marie Claire cover (which is gorgeous, by the way), Stewart said the non-smile is a “model-y, magazine thing.”

“I blame Marie Claire. Marie Claire has just ruined my reputation,” she joked.

In addition to the many, many smiles she delivered during the interview, K-Stew shared a new paparazzi trick she tried out in New York City on a recent day. While it involved smiling for a change, it didn’t really work.

Check out the story, above. Then watch K-Stew play a game of Word Blurt, below.

American Ultra opens Aug. 21.