Kylie Jenner Doesn’t Care About Cultural Appropriation

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Braided hair, don't care.
What Is Cultural Appropriation?
Let Zendaya explain it to you.

Even though she was previously dragged for it,Kylie Jenner is still sporting cornrows.

While she’s technically an adult, the 18-year-old is still acting a bit childish when it comes to respecting other people’s culture and history as she is accused of cultural appropriation yet again. Jenner, who is currently vacationing in Mexico with boyfriend Tyga and a slew of her closest gal pals, has been spotted rocking cornrows during her getaway down south even after actress Amandla Stenberg famously called her out for essentially being a bit of a racist and neglecting to use her position of power “to help black Americans” by “directing attention … to police brutality and racism.”

Jenner’s BFF, Pia Mia, shared — then quickly deleted — a photo of the youngKeeping Up With the Kardashians star with cornrows on her Instagram earlier this week.


Presumably with not a care in the world, Jenner also shared a Snapchat video of herself with the kontroversial controversial cornrowns.

In July, Stenberg penned a lengthy and eloquent note explaining why she chose to call out Jenner for her actions. She wrote:

Jenner responded shutting down what could have been a poignant discussion about race by dismissing Stenberg and telling the Hunger Games actress to “go hang” with previous prom date — and Jenner’s rumored ex-boyfriend — Jaden Smith.

Clearly, things haven’t changed much since Jenner turned the big 1-8.