The 6 Stages of Processing that Jimmy Fallon Will Host ‘The Tonight Show’ for (At Least) 6 More Years

Jimmy Fallon here to stay and it’s quite a lot to handle.

It was announced on Thursday (8/13) at the TCA Summer Press tour that Fallon has signed a 6 year contract with NBC, solidifying his spot at The Tonight Show desk through September 2021.

NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke backs the rookie host 100 per cent, describing that Fallon is “extraordinarily talented, hard-working, and brings a level of creativity and energy every single day that is simply unmatched in television”.

 “The success of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has been nothing short of remarkable.”

F0r those of us who have Jimmy grow from a lovable dweeb on Saturday Night Live into a bigger lovable dweeb on The Tonight Show, this news of his permanence on TV can be a lot to process. Take a deep breath and let us walk you through the 6 Stages of Processing that Jimmy Fallon Will Host The Tonight Show for (At Least) 6 More Years.

Step One: Shock & Denial, Followed by Immediate Recognition of Foresight that Existed from the First Moment that you Laid Eyes on Fallon


Step Two: Proclamation of Affirmations with Elongated Syllabication


Step Three: Solitary Damning of Oprah for Hogging all of Fallon’s Potential Interviews for a Quarter of a Century


Step Four: Squealing Like a Little Bitch with the Fallon Fan in Nearest Proximity


Step Five: Uncontrollable Dancing


Step Six: Wholehearted Acceptance, Sealed with a Kiss