Beyoncé Lands Vogue’s Coveted September Issue Cover

Beyoncé's Shoe Purchase
She doesn't shop at DSW...

Bow down, Fashion Bible readers.

As suspected, Beyoncé is your cover girl for Vogue’s September Issue for 2015. The news and cover were announced early Thursday morning, along with a teaser for Margo Jefferson’s story.

The cover and photo spread is the work of none other than Mario Testino. Here it is in all its royal glory:

beyonce's vogue september 2015 issue cover
CREDIT: Vogue/Mario Testino

[Vogue/Mario Testino]

What, you don’t usually lean on your fancy chair while wearing lace after taking a shower (or applying expensive gel that looks like you’ve just washed your hair)?

While the full story doesn’t come out until later this month (or Friday, if you hit up Amazon or Target), Vogue has offered some quotes about Beyoncé from some of fashion’s greatest figures.

A sampling:

“She’s the whole package: primal, rare, delicate, beautiful, and powerful.” — Stella McCartney

“There is a magnetic presence to her.” — Riccardo Tisci

And because more Beyonce is never a bad thing, the “Drunk In Love” singer is also featured in GIF-form over at Vogue, along with a little video she made for the September Issue.

Beyonce’s Vogue cover makes her the first black artist and the third black woman to land a September Issue spot, following the footsteps of supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Halle Berry. Queen Bey previously graced the cover for Vogue’s March 2013 and April 2009 issues.