WATCH: Bradley Cooper Throws Many Things in the Heated ‘Burnt’ Trailer

Bradley Cooper has a lot of feelings.

In an exclusive trailer for Burnt, an upcoming dramedy, Cooper portrays a fired-up chef named Adam Jones who is determined to reclaim his culinary fame. His character was an adolescent prodigy who ditched high school at age 16 to pursue dreams of becoming a top chef, but stumbled along the way, giving in to drug abuse and arrogance that is alive and well in Cooper’s performance.

He throws dishes.


Tosses notepads.


Throws more dishes.


And flips a table for added Real Housewives finesse.


Burnt, also starring Uma Thurman, Sienna Millerand Emma Thompson hits theaters on October 23, 2015. Watch the trailer in the video above, but beware of flying plates.