Lana Del Rey Blows Up a Helicopter in ‘High by the Beach’ Video

High by the Beach
Lana premiered her latest track last week.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to have a relaxing day in your unfurnished beach house only to suddenly remember you have to go blow a helicopter out of the sky? Lana Del Rey sure does!

Lana just premiered the video for “High by the Beach,” the second taste from her forthcoming album, Honeymoon. You can watch it above, and you should. The clip starts simply enough: A helicopter approaches a lone beach house, where, inside, Lana is just being Lana, slowly twirling and flopping down on her mattress (which is on the floor, because apparently she’s a college student?). Is she suffering from emotional fatigue? Is she full of frustrated ennui because she just got off the phone with James Franco? We may never know. As the helicopter continues to hover outside, Lana, slowly makes her way downstairs, where she pretends to read a magazine and neglects to drink the coffee she made herself. Quickly tiring of that (and who wouldn’t!), she moves to the window and performs a sensual wind dance for her friends (?) in the chopper.

Things take an odd turn when Lana realizes she forgot to turn the stove off or something and bolts downstairs, but she keeps running, out the door, down the stairs, over the rocky beach, until she finds a guitar case that she presumably stashed there before her earlier languishing. She runs back to the house, up the stairs — her chiffon robe catching on the bannister — and to the balcony, where she opens the case and takes out a massive steampunk bazooka gun. She then shoots the helicopter out of the sky. The debris is washed away by the sea, and we are left to assume that Lana returns to her mattress on the floor for a much-needed nap. Blowing shit up is exhausting.

Bring on Honeymoon.