Of Course Miley Cyrus Is Friends With Caitlyn Jenner

Miley Cyrus’ squad includes Caitlyn Jenner… Because, duh!

Miley Cyrus goes topless with girlfriend Stella Maxwell.

The 22-year-old singer covers the Sept. 2015 issue of Marie Claire and opens up about why the Olympian and transgender activist is an important part of her life – one reason being they both experienced different but highly-publicized transitions in the public eye.

“We’ve talked a lot about how you can never make every single person happy,” Cyrus explains. “We always laugh about people saying she transitioned to be famous. Which is crazy. Caitlyn has to tell her story, because if she doesn’t, everyone else is going to tell it for her.”

And Cyrus would understand the importance of telling her own story. Growing up in the spotlight as Hannah Montana and spending 12 hour days on set with the hair and the makeup and the fashion took a toll on the singer.

“From the time I was 11, it was, ‘You’re a pop star! That means you have to be blonde, and you have to have long hair, and you have to put on some glittery tight thing,'” Cyrus recalls. “Meanwhile, I’m this fragile little girl playing a 16-year-old in a wig and a ton of makeup. It was like Toddlers & Tiaras. I had fucking flippers.”

Those beauty standards affected her body image and who she wanted to be.

“I was told for so long what a girl is supposed to be from being on that show,” Cyrus explains. “I was made to look like someone that I wasn’t, which probably caused some body dysmorphia because I had been made pretty every day for so long, and then when I wasn’t on that show, it was like, who the fuck am I?”

Over the last few years Cyrus has obviously broken past that barrier and grown more into herself, cutting off her hair, showcasing her femininity and exploring her sexuality – things she could never do before. And she realizes with those drastic changes comes some consequences.

“I’m probably never going to be the face of a traditional beauty company unless they want a weed-smoking, liberal-ass freak,” she admits. “But my dream was never to sell lip gloss. My dream is to save the world.”

And with the friendship of Caitlyn Jenner, she’s probably going to do it.