WATCH: Nicki Minaj (And Her Booty) Steal the Spotlight in Robin Thicke’s New Music Video ‘Back Together’

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Robin Thicke appears to be ready for a (much needed) comeback, and he’s enlisted the help of Nicki Minajto do it.

Robin Thicke says he's embarrassed about trying to win back Paula Patton.

The 38-year-old singer released his latest music video for his brand new single “Back Together.” It includes a pool party and lots of young, half-naked women running around in bikinis – as is usually the case with Thicke. Yawn.

BUT… coming in for the rescue at 2:19? Ms. Minaj.

The rapper kills it in her verse as she gives Thicke a sexy show, grinding on the couch and flaunting her famous derriere in a leopard print skirt.

While the video (other than Minaj’s part) may be a little boring, we have to admit, the song is pretty catchy… Could it be the key to getting Thicke – who got divorced from Paula Patton and subsequently created a flop of an album –  out of his rut of a year? We shall see!

Watch the music video above.