WATCH: Salma Hayek Eats Stir-Fried Worms on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Like a Boss

Salma Hayek will eat anything by land, air, sea, or anywhere in between, just as long it isn’t an onion.

The movie star with a history of chomping on critter cuisine stopped by Watch What Happens Live to prove that she is, in essence, a 5th grade summer camper stuck in the body of a bombshell.

In a game of “Will Salma Eat It?”, Hayek consumes silk worms, gefilte fish, and spray cheese as Andy Cohen and actor Craig Robinson watch on in horror. The part-time resident of France proved to be an expert in deep-fried frog, noting that the real thing is not normally as greasy as the sampling that the show provided.


And who said that you couldn’t be a snob about the four-legged amphibians hopping around in your swamp?