Orlando Bloom Only Has Eyes for Howard Stern After Attending Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

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The real “happily ever after” emerging fromJustin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston‘s wedding is that of Orlando Bloom and Howard Stern‘s sweet, sweet bromance.

Love is in the air for the Pirates of the Caribbean star after attending his friends’ secretive wedding last week at their Bel Air home. At the premiere of his new film Digging for Fire, Bloom told People that he was “honored” to witness the matrimony where Jimmy Kimmel was the officiant and Sia was the wedding singer.

The actor has effectively claimed dibs on Stern as his man candy in response to his on-air gushing wherein the radio host described Bloom as “better looking than Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruiseall rolled into one.”

Bloom gushed,

“I have a man crush on him. Have you seen him? He’s the most handsome thing you’ve ever seen. I mean, he thinks I’m handsome? That’s ridiculous! He’s seeing a reflection of himself, that’s what it is.”

Stern didn’t recognize Bloom at the start of the wedding, which validates that love is blind.

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