Stephen Colbert Is a Feminist of Late-Night TV (And So Can You!)

Stephen Colbert is leaning in to his feminine side from the top of his gig as the new Late Show host, and we are all here to catch him.

David Letterman’s successor penned an op-ed for Glamour in which he makes a stand for gender equality on his show, in late-night television, and across the land that he loves.

Colbert is perplexed at how the late-night lineup remains male dominated in a culture where women statistically outnumber the population of women. He wonders where the lady blacksmiths, bait-and-tackle shopkeepers, and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies are hiding beyond the scope of the the media industry, asserting that the world would be a better place if these women were in charge.

“I will continue to fight for women, because I’m a man who is deeply in touch with my femininity. I believe gender is a spectrum, and I fall somewhere between Channing Tatum and Winnie the Pooh. Pooh and I definitely agree on the no-pants thing. As soon as I’m home, off they go—and I’m knuckle-deep in a pot of honey.”

Colbert takes the phrase “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” entirely too literally, but in the best way, pointing out that he shares the same love for Joe Manganiello’s second row of abs as most women do. Let it ring from sea to shining sea that he is proud of his “soft and grabbable” womanly hips and aspires to be the green M&M.


via Mediaite on Tumblr

The host promises to do his best to create a Late Show that “appeals to women but also celebrates their voices”.

“Whoever you are, I promise: I’m going to lean in on this. It really accentuates my muffin top.”

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert kicks off on September 8 on CBS. Head over to Glamour to read his lady love letter in its entirety.