Jessica Alba’s Wallet Officially Outweighs that of Queen Beyoncé Knowles

Jessica Alba Talks 'Mean Girl' Moms
She's still getting the hang of the mommy thing.

Honest to goodness.

Jessica Alba is now one of the wealthiest women in the United States due to her fortune accrued from The Honest Company.

According to a report from Business Wire, Alba’s lifestyle brand closed $100 million in Series D financing, adding up her net worth to an estimated $340 million. This share in the company combined with Hollywood earnings sets her personal price tag at just over $1.7 billion.

Alba’s 20% stake in Honest ranks her higher than Queen Beyoncé and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in the wallet department.

This news comes only a few weeks after her non-toxic brand was under social media scrutiny for selling “ineffective” sunscreen that caused its users to suffer from severe burns.