WATCH: Kate McKinnon’s ‘SNL’ Calvin Klein Outtakes Paint an Accurate Portrait of Justin Bieber

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Lightning cannot strike twice unless it’s in the form of Kate McKinnon portraying Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live.

Outtakes from McKinnons Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein spoof have reached the internet, riding on the coattails of more Season 41 hype. Though the SNL comedienne accurately exuded the esprit de Bieber‘s in the original short, these bloopers might actually be more representative of the singer’s everyday life.

Watch as BiebKinnon tries to charm Selena Gomez back,


Present a first draft of his latest single to manager Scooter Braun,


And run away at the first sight of confrontation and/or blame in the media.


Watch McKinnon’s outtakes in the video above and the original sketch featured below! 

Images [3] courtesy of NBC.