Lady Gaga’s Cast Party Proves She Is Everything ‘American Horror Story’ Never Knew They Needed

As Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed.”

Evidence from Lady GagaAmerican Horror Story: Hotel cast party begs one follow-up question: Where has Gaga been all along?

It all began when the newest AHS addition posted photos to Instagram that foreshadowed an evening in the making:


A photo posted by The Countess (@ladygaga) on

🎉💋I heard it’s somebody’s bday too! A photo posted by The Countess (@ladygaga) on

“🎉💋 I heard it’s somebody’s bday too!

The second photo’s caption made followers wonder whether she was celebrating Madonna’s birthday until one commenter set the record straight:

“NOT MADONNA. Angela Bassett! Stop dreaming, bitches.”

Ah, yes. A Horror Story soirée “fit for a thespian”, complete with a booze(?)-sobbing bust.

A party fit for the thespian. ❤️ A photo posted by The Countess (@ladygaga) on


Creator Ryan Murphy was apparently so blown-away that he wondered if her gathering was a manifestation of his subconscious.

  As did Sarah Paulson.

Spoiler alert: It was real.

Though few photos exist, you may bask in Gaga’s bloody pool and the jewels that drip from her neck.

A photo posted by The Countess (@ladygaga) on


Gaga, who was unveiled as the Hotel’s owner Elizabeth, has received the stamp of approval from her co-stars and the Head Cheese during her first week on set.


According to Bates, Gaga was so convincing in her role that she “scared the crap” out of her character, Iris, which can be assumed to look something like this.


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Watch Lady Gaga embody horrific perfection in the AHS: Hotel trailer featured below.