Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris Are Feuding Over Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris is "Insanely Happy" with Taylor Swift
The DJ opens up about his relationship with the singer.


All aboard the Zayn Malik Sass Train.

Just a day after shading ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards on Twitter, former One Direction singer seemingly went after another blonde songstress when he retweeted a tweet that took Taylor Swift down a few pegs.

Obviously, Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, wasn’t too thrilled about the whole idea and quickly went after the British crooner.

Malik first incited Harris’ wrath when he retweeted a tweet that compared Swift demanding to be compensated for her music with Miley Cyrus saying that she’s perfectly content with providing free albums since she’s already a wealthy and established artist.

Perhaps a bit miffed by the shady suggestion that Swift is only concerned about money, Harris defended his girlfriend by tweeting at Malik and the original poster in question, “@FemaleTexts.”

Harris, 31, also went after Malik’s fans when they started to defend their idol.

Malik, 22, responded to Harris, writing:

Perhaps realizing that it’s kind of pathetic to be feuding online with someone who is almost 10 his junior it was all a miscommunication, Harris brush Malik off wrote back:

The word’s still out if Harris will be doing a “Bad Blood” remix about this spat.