Demi Lovato Gushes About Wilmer Valderrama (Again)

Demi “I’m ‘Cool for the Summer’ ” Lovato continues her tour of opening up about her love life, and in case anyone was doubting it, she’s unwaveringly in love with her man Wilmer Valderrama.

“We don’t share everything with the world,” Lovato told Us Weekly exclusively. “But we do feel comfortable to share a lot. With Wilmer and I and our relationship, he’s extremely supportive in everything that I do. He makes me feel confident and beautiful. And I’m just really, really grateful for him.”

The 35-year-old That ’70s Show alum and the 22-year-old pop star have been dating off an on since meeting in 2010. She previously revealed back in June that her substance abuse issues got in the way of their relationship when they first started dating.

Lovato is currently working on her new album, a follow-up to 2013’s DemiHer first single “Cool for the Summer” has made a huge splash as one of the hottest songs of the summer, perhaps in part due to her sexed up new music video in which she shows off her banging body.

“I’m 23 now so I think it came naturally,” Lovato says about embracing her sexuality. “Your fans want to grow with you. It’s about growing together with your fans. Ultimately when you make music it reflects your life and I’m a lot older now so of course it’s not going to be about the same thing I was singing about when I was 16 or 17.”

Of her new music, she told Us,  “I think my new music is definitely grown up. My music is definitely a lot more confident, sexier, and it’s pretty much moving in that direction and embracing who I am as a woman.

As for the secret to her success, it’s perhaps something that comes naturally to most people. “You just have to surround yourself with people that are going to lift you up spiritually,” she said. “That’s what I do. I surround myself with good people and really rely on others for strength whenever I need it.”

As for whether or not she’d ever consider doing a Camp Rock revival with ex Joe Jonas and the brothers (Nick and Kevin), she was all for it.

“Yeah, I mean, those guys will always be close to my heart. So being able to work with them whether it’s Nick or Joe or Kevin, I’m always open to it.”

In other news, the youths of the Internet are freaking out because Lovato started following former childhood BFF Selena Gomez on Instagram.

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