The Hotwives Hit The Jackpot: The Best Things We Saw On The Premiere of Hotwives of Las Vegas

The second season of Hulu’s TV show parody “The Hotwives of Las Vegas” kicks off this week — in all of its pumpkin-orange fake tan glory.

From spooky babies to very politically incorrect snack foods, we’ve broken down the 10 best moments from the premiere below.


When Jenfer says her body is a Disneyland for dicks. Splash Mountain now has a whole new meaning.


When First Lady, aka Stephanie, rolls out her new food line, called Anorexi Yeah! She’s reclaiming the word, if you’re still hungry from your afternoon bag of air, baked lettuce is on tonight’s menu.


When Ace, Stephanie’s camera-obsessed boyfriend (played by Key of Key & Peele), leaves her for Jenfer, claiming, “I just feel like our storyline has petered out.” Fourth wall, people. Fourth wall.


When recently divorced Denise calls 911 for a Margarita emergency. “Ma’am you called 911, you said someone was hurt?” “I will be hurt if you don’t stay for a drink!” Top notch come on, right there.


Ivanka’s daughter’s spooky modeling career. “It means everything to make her live my dreams.” Spooky, spooky baby.


Vance’s, ahem, close relationship with his witchy sister Callie. “We even used to share the same bed… I miss that.” So that’s how things work in that family.


Leona, mistress of strip club “Venus’s Mound,” teaching her employees how to dance. Eye contact. It’s all about eye contact.


Denise, the “most clothed showgirl in Vegas.” Takes it off one glove at a time. “Because it’s what’s left to the eye. I mean, what’s not left to the eye. I can’t remember my slogan.”


Phe Phe’s hit judge show, “Ya Guilty, Bitch.” Her taxidermy career wasn’t taking off. “Since the legal system basically does not exist in Nevada, I also made myself a judge.”


When Weird Al’s hand is so far up Shasta’s butt, she has hemorrhoids in her mouth. More important: that’s what Weird Al looks like with short hair.

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