Ryan Adams Teases His Moodier Take on Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Album

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Just when Taylor Swifts music made you feel too alive, Ryan Adams swept in with an acoustic guitar.

Adams shocked the “1989” artist when he announced earlier this month that he would be covering every single track from her latest album. Well folks, he’s pulled through, having finished a rough mix of the entire record, and here is the Twitter evidence to prove it.

First up, his cover of “Style”, sonically suitable as ambient music for a motorcycle dismounting sequence from a 90’s action film, masterfully shot in slow-motion from multiple angles.


See also, the opening verse.

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Then, his rendition of “Blank Space”, which is the musical manifestation of a Nicholas Sparks passage wherein the femme fatale stares out from the passenger seat of a Cadillac, contemplating what could have been if only she had stayed with the bad boy from last summer.


No word on when Adams’ album will be released, though we can be quite certain that it will not be found anywhere near Apple Music.