Beyoncé Brings Back Her BeyGOOD Haiti T-Shirt for One Day Only

You know you want one.

In honor of World Humanitarian Day, for the next 24 hours only, you can purchase your very own BeyGOOD Hait t-shirt. Courtesy of Beyoncé, these tees and the BeyGOOD Haiti Iniative benefit Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti.

So act now, ‘cuz they’re super fashionable and all the proceeds go towards an amazing cause (all proceeds go directly to St. Damien to continue to provide oncology treatment for sick children).

Beyoncé posted a “Thank You” video today, explaining:

During our first BeyGOOD Haiti campaign, we asked fans around the world to help Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Haiti raise money for pediatric oncology intakes.

Supporters everywhere showed an outpouring of generosity and, because of them, young children who have cancer will receive full treatment.

Limited edition T-shirts can be purchased here for $24.99 (plus shipping), and this time around they also come in grey. Plus, courtesy of Teespring, fans have the chance to win tickets to the Global Citizens Festival and a meet & greet with Queen Bey herself. Just share and #beygoodhaiti on Twitter from now until Aug 20 @ 1 pm ET!

The BeyGOOD Initiative was first launched in May of this year:

In May 2015, on a humanitarian trip to the island of Haiti, Beyoncé visited local programs in a personal capacity to continue her support of previously funded programs and to learn more about humanitarian activities.

While on location, Beyoncé visited the Saint Damien Hospital in Tabarre. Funded completely through private contributions to NPH worldwide, St. Damien provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti and has associated public health and community programs that reach more than 90,000 children and adults annually.

However, due to a reduction in funding commitment, the hospital lost the equivalent of two months of funding resulting in significant cutbacks both in staff (450 Haitians are employed here) and in the number of children that could be treated. As an immediate result there were empty wards, reduced oncology intake, the reduction in the residents program that trains Haitian Doctors, and hundreds of children who were turned away from medical care they desperately need.

Haiti. Humanitarian mission with the UN.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Learn more about the BeyGOOD Haiti Initiative here.

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