Lindsay Lohan Is Reportedly Being Sued

Lindsay Lohan Tell-All Autobiography
She is reportedly looking to cash in on her tumultuous childhood.

You’ll never guess why Lindsay Lohan is reportedly being sued over something she did during her “crazy days”. 

Unfortunately for Lohan, she’s very familiar with drama and breaking the law of course — so it comes to no surprise that she’s being sued over unpaid bills.

TMZ is reporting that the actress is being sued for “allegedly stiffing her former driver.” A man named Edson Ricci claims that Lohan owes him over $26,000 for transportation services and another $1,439.18 for covering her hotel bill once.

But TMZ makes a valid point by saying Lohan might not be at “fault” considering all the crazy stuff she was going through back in 2012. Not only was she from banned from the Chateau Marmont hotel for allegedly not paying a $46,350.04 bill, but her dad staged an emergency intervention for her.

Her tell-all biography is getting more and more interesting…