Robin Williams’ Widow ‘Manipulates’ Estate in Search of More Money

The legal war between Robin Williams’ widow and his children continues to wage on.

After his tragic suicide in 2014, Williams’ near-$50 million estate was left to his three children, Zak, Zelda, and Cody, and his third wife Susan Schneider Williams. Williams first filed papers in December 2014 claiming that personal items has been removed from their home without her permission.

The battle of “stuff” developed into a property war over what items the late comedian intended to be considered as memorabilia. Ms. Williams believes that his watch collection and “knick-knacks” should not be passed to his children despite the fact that his trust expresses it as so. His children stated through an attorney that they were “heartbroken” that she would act against his wishes by “challenging the plans he so carefully made for his estate”.

Now, according court documents obtained by People, Williams is taking it a step further by alleging that she is not receiving enough money to cover the insurance, mortgage, and upkeep of their multimillion dollar property in Tiburon, California. There is no dollar amount placed on her request, but the children are already perturbed.

According to People,

“The Aug. 14 documents argue that there is enough money in the Reserve Fund dedicated to the residence, and that it does not ‘provide [Schneider] with a guaranteed income stream’ and yet that ‘is precisely what [she] is seeking.'”

However, the children’s file states that the purposes of her revenue were solely to cover the tax and estate without mention of an income. The court filing claims, “[Schneider] attempts to manipulate this language in [an] attempt to enhance her financial position at the expense of the Williams Children”.

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