Caitlyn Jenner Responds to ‘Vanity Fair’ Portrait Composed of Hateful Tweets

An admirer of Caitlyn Jenner settled the outpour of negative comments responding to her emergence as a female on the cover of Vanity Fair into a remarkable piece of art that has captured Jenner’s attention.

British artist Conor Collins took notice of the onslaught of tweets that labeled the former Olympian as a “freak” and decided to construct the iconic Vanity Fair cover out of the very comments that were meant to tear her down.

“Caitlyn is making a difference to the trans community, so I didn’t want to hide the darkness and persecution they face in my art piece,” Collins told The Telegraph. “It just wouldn’t be fair.”

After sifting through the hateful tweets and painting all throughout the night with a half a bottle of whiskey at his side, this black and white portrait of Jenner emerged.

CREDIT: BuzzFeed

Collins explained to BuzzFeed that “inspired” does not accurately describe the driving force behind his work.

“I think ‘inspiration’ gives the idea of energy and motivation. It was something much sadder… that drove me.”

He tells The Telegraph, “I admire what Caitlyn has done and how she has used her position and privilege to make a difference.”

One day after Collins shared his work with the Twittersphere, Jenner responded to his work with praise.

It appears that the artist’s mom is just as shocked about the accolade that her son’s piece is receiving as he is.

Collins previously illustrated a portrait of English diver Tom Daley when he first announced that he was gay in 2014.