WATCH: Kristen Stewart Reacts to Miley Cyrus Calling Her ‘Hot’

How would you react if Miley Cyrus called you hot?

Flattered? Excited? Accomplished?

Kristen Stewart was recently bestowed the much-coveted qualifier of sex appeal by Cyrus on Instagram.

K Stew is hot!

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This is how she responded: “I feel so accomplished. I feel closer to her,” adding that she thinks Cyrus is going to “kill it” as host of the VMA’s on August 30th.

During her MTV interview alongside her stoner-action-comedy American Ultra co-star Jesse Eisenberg, Stewart also revealed one of the skills she’s picked up during her time as an actor and working on set: “I can roll a really good joint. I genuinely did learn that when I was very young on a movie set. A prop guy taught me how to do it.”

She then joked, “That’s why they hired me.” Guess Stewart and notorious Mary Jane lover Cyrus have something more in common than being young and famous…

Serving weed poof realness!!!! 💚💚💚

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American Ultra comes out in theaters tomorrow, August 21st!

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