Matthew Perry Opens Up About His Drug Addiction While Being on ‘Friends’

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“30 million people were watching.”

In a recent video published by The Hollywood ReporterMatthew Perry discusses his 30-year-long struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

The actor also recognizes the work being done at the Phoenix House treatment centre in Venice, Calif., where he has seeked treatment more than once. In June, he was presented with the 2015 Phoenix Rising Award, however he doesn’t believe he deserves it.

I’m an award-winning alcoholic, I guess. I shouldn’t be getting an award; Phoenix House should be getting an award.

You can’t have a drug problem for 30 years and then expect it to have it be solved in 28 days. Phoenix House — I was very moved by the hope that I saw there, which is what this is all about. Getting sober is a really hard thing to do.

What made his journey to recovery even more difficult was the fact that he was on the hit show Friends, where all of America could see him battle with addiction.

I’m a pretty private person, but I was on a TV show that 30 million people were watching, so people knew. It was so public what was happening to me.

Perry played TV favourite Chandler Bing, and while he may have been a funnyman on Friends, in real life he was dealing with demons. The true extent of his struggles only surfaced after the sitcom came to an end in 2004.

These days, the 46-year-old says he uses his A-list status to speak out for other people because he knows that having someone to turn to in a time of need is incredibly helpful. Watch the inspiring video below.