WATCH: These Bears Cooling Off in a Swimming Pool Are Your New Spirit Animals

Gaga's Polar Bear Plunge
Remember when Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney did this swim?

“They took my floatie!”

And just like that, baby bear number three of five cleared a backyard swimming pool of yet another piece of foam better known as a “floatie.”

If you’re looking for tips on how to cool down during these last days of summer, consider this adorable family of black bears.

On a recent afternoon, the group found themselves in a Rockaway Township backyard in New Jersey. There was a pool. It was (probably) really hot. Naturally, they took a dip (or five) in the pool under the watchful eye of mama bear.

Yes, the video you’re about to see is 11 minutes long, but the playful and carefree demeanor of these animals is worth your attention. If you’re a few minutes into the clip and can’t stand the commentary, we’ve selected a few lines for you, below, so you can watch the rest on mute. (Apologies to the humans who recorded the video. Good luck with next year’s pool).

“There’s bears in the pool!”

“I don’t want to buy a new pool. I like that pool”

“One was walking!”

“Bad mommy bear!”

“No going on the swing, bear!”

“I wish the bears were in someone else’s yard. Not ours.”

“Well that’s it. The pool’s done for the summer.”

“Don’t eat the chlorine tabs.”

If you do get to the end of the video and are freaking out about what happened to mama bear, rest assured. There’s a part two. And she’s just fine.


The New Jersey sleuth sighting comes just days after a black bear was spotted cooling off in a fancy pool (and subsequently relaxing in the hot tub) in Vancouver, Canada.

This has been your unofficial Swimming With Bears in the Summer report. Until next time.

[h/t The Awl]