WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford Relives the Moment She Had to Tell Her Daughter That Frank Had Died

WATCH: Kathie Lee Gifford Pays Tribute to Frank
Kathie Lee Gifford paid a moving tribute to her late husband Frank on her first day back to the Today show.

Katie Lee Gifford continues to mourn her late husband Frank Gifford

On Friday’s (Aug. 21, 2015) episode of Today, the TV host shared new details about Frank’s passing. Not only did she reveal that the NFL Hall of Famer was in the best shape of his life before he died, but she also relived the moment she had to tell her daughter Cassidy that Frank had passed.

The hardest part of the day — other than finding Frank — was that we couldn’t get in touch with Cass because she was in the air. The worst thing you want to do is ever get news like that from a monitor when you’re walking, wherever you are. That’s where Cass was on her way to, but we got her home.

Cassidy was on a Delta Airlines flight to shoot her upcoming movie Angels and Outlaws alongside Chad Michael Murray, so the only way to let her know was for Kathie Lee to ask an airline employee to find her during a layover and tell her to call home.

Kathie Lee’s kids have been her biggest support. Just before she returned to work, her children said they would be joining her on her first day back. Kathie Lee’s co-star Hoda Kotb explained what it was like to have them on set:

Cody was standing, and he was just watching. He didn’t want to be on. He just had his arms folded, watching his mom to make sure she was OK. It was beautiful. It was really beautiful.

Watch the video of Kathie Lee the Today show below.