Kristen Stewart in Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Movie

WATCH: Kristen Stewart Reacts
How would you react if Miley Cyrus called you hot?

In a super meta move, Kristen Stewart is playing the role of an actress playing the role of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel in a fictional biopic.

Stewart was recently added as a campaign model for the fashion house and the film will be presented as part of an upcoming Chanel fashion show.

The project was reportedly filmed over the course of two days last month.

In regards to his reason for conceiving and executing the film, Lagerfeld head designer and creative director of Chanel said simply, “They make so many movies about Chanel, why can’t I make one?” Fair enough.

As for Kristen, she’s hard at work on Woody Allen’s latest film, seen here in the photo gallery on set in Beverly Hills filming scenes for the movie. The project will be the first movie of Allen’s to be filmed in L.A. since Annie Hall in 1977.