The Best ‘SNL’ Skits Where the Cast Can’t Stop Laughing

The best SNL skits where they laugh so much that other cast members break are the best. Saturday Night Live cast members who break character have a domino effect and the SNL sketches where they laugh is one of the reasons people still watch.

A live show with this many smart asses and chances for things to go sideways is going to have some beautiful train wrecks.

Out of all of the Saturday Night Live cast, who were the breakers and who were the breakees? Imagine being on that live stage opposite Chris Farley. It was Farley’s job to break down other cast members and he took sheer delight in it. Will Ferrell also took out his fellow cast members, but usually quite by accident. He gets right up in Chris Parnell’s face in the cowbell sketch but Parnell is made of iron. Watch all those moments on Ranker