10 Ways to Keep Your Cool While in Transit

It’s Hot as Hell Outside
Tips & tricks for staying cool in the summer heat…

Let’s face it, summer travel can be a hassle, especially for those who struggle with impatience.

And although airplane travels usually lead to good things like relaxing vacations, family reunions, or exciting business trips, the journey itself can be super stressful.

Airports are notoriously known to be nerve-wracking places: flight delays, long layovers, last-minute cancellations, lost luggage, rude airline staff — the list goes on and on. So, unless you have your own private jet, getting to your destination is almost never without problems.

But not to worry because here are 10 easy ways to stay cool, calm, and collected while traveling this summer!

#1. Arrive early: This will give you a lot of time to find your terminal, get through airport security, and relax before your flight departs.

Arrive Early

#2. Check your layovers: Make sure you have enough time between your layovers. This way you don’t have the run from gate to gate.


#3. Pack smart: Avoid having to pay extra fees because your luggage is too heavy.

Pack Light

#4. Be polite to the airline staff: Don’t be that person who yells at the staff. You won’t make things easier for yourself by being rude.

Be Polite to Airline Staff

#5. Comfort is key: Make sure to bring your favorite neck pillow because no one likes a cranky, sleep-deprived traveller.

Neck Pillows

#6. Don’t complain about what cannot be changed: Airport security will always be annoying. They’re unorganized, they barely make sense, and there’s always someone who doesn’t understand.


#7. Treat yourself: Reward yourself with an ice cold Starbucks bottled Frappuccino® for a job well done (AKA getting through airport security without getting arrested for yelling at a security guard).

Bottled Frappuccino

#9. Bring headphones: Airports can get noisy especially if there are screaming kids everywhere.


#8. Bring some snacks: Because airplane food is almost never good anyway.


#10. Lastly, make sure to breathe: Think of it this way, you’re going on vacation, probably to a beach, so why stress?

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