Taylor Swift Does Something Shady, Gets Called Out by Avril Lavigne

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Avril Lavigne isn’t too happy with Taylor Swift right now.

The Canadian singer has called out the “Bad Blood” crooner after Swift liked a Tumblr post that casted a negative light on other musicians like Katy Perry, Kanye West, Britney Spears and Lavigne herself.

The post, which was brought up by an Avril Lavigne fan account on Twitter, claimed that Swift’s contemporaries don’t love their supporters as much by showing a series of photos with celebrities posing awkwardly with their fans. Meanwhile, Swift was pictured hugging and kissing her followers. “This is most Celeb’s with fans,” the post read before showing photos of celebrities looking uncomfortable during their meet and greets.

Though Swift didn’t add any further commentary, the simple act of liking the post made it seem like she approved of its shady message. Lavigne, who once allegedly charged fans $400 to stand near her during a meet and greet in Brazil, quickly fired back at the claim.

Lavigne’s fans also noted the irony that Swift, who has always been a firm believer in not pitting women against each other, is liking a post that is seemingly doing just that.

Swift has since attempted to bury the incriminating post started liking posts about her upcoming “Wildest Dreams” music video instead.

And to think we thought TayTay and Kanye were friends again