Dreams Do Come True: A Sitcom Based on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Love Is Coming

Naturally, the most perfect couple alive Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are getting a sitcom based off of their love.

It only makes sense: so many of us amateurs ship Teigen and Legend, he for his musical prowess and angelic voice and she for, well, freeing the nipple, writing a cookbook, licking Doritos for hobby and so much more.

Black-ish creator Kenya Barris has signed a three-year deal with ABC Studios. Barris told BuzzFeed News that one of his projects is a show about Teigen and Legend’s love.

It’s inspired by them — they’re both super creative and super effusive and I’m just fans of them and everything they stand for. I’m really excited about it.

Can we just say “finally”!

Both Teigen and Legend will be working as producing partners on the project that is temporarily being called Ordinary People. And how appropriate, since that’s the name of Legend’s hit 2005 song.

Barris added, “I feel that song serves a thematic background for the show.”

Although it’s still in the early stages of planning, the sitcom “will be about an interracial couple. We don’t know what’s going to be what. But it will be a part of the show in terms of showing those two world’s colliding and coming together — their issues and their obstacles that [happen inside] their personal relationship.”

“Hopefully, it will become something we can all be proud of,” he added.

ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee remarked, “We’re excited about being in business with Kenya for many years to come. His unique and hilarious point of view fits perfectly into the studio and network brand of smart, heartfelt storytelling.”

If the pilot gets their greenlight, filming will begin in February. Here’s to hoping!


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