10 Choice Quotes from the New York Times’ Profile of Justin Bieber and ‘Where Are Ü Now’

Justin's Subliminal Messages?
Watch the "Where Are U Now" Music Video

The hit you’ve loved hating (or hated loving) for six months has finally landed inside the coveted pages of The New York Times.

On Tuesday (Aug. 25), the Gray Lady unveiled an in-depth look at the manufacturing of “Where Are Ü Now,” Justin Bieber’s unlikely collaboration with electronic royalty Diplo and Skrillex. Along with Jon Pareles’ lengthy case study, the Times also produced an 8-minute video featuring fancy soundwave effects, colorful, pulsed circles in various sizes to represent the different beats and rhythms, and the gentlemen, in black-and-white, speaking about their craft.

If you truly don’t care about the song, or, you simply don’t have the time to enjoy eight full minutes of a lesson in song making, here are 10 profound thoughts we’ve handpicked from the video feature, just for you.

Bieber: “It’s expensive. It’s like the sounds that are used, are not cheap. They’re very expensive sounding sounds.”

Diplo: (On what he did after Scooter Braun sent him Bieber’s original piano and a cappella recordings) “So I got on my email, and I forwarded it to my assistant and I was like, yo download this I’ll listen to it when I get home.”

Bieber: “Jason Boyd, Poo Bear, is probably one of the best writers I’ve ever been able to work with. Actually, it was super weird for me at first. I was like, ‘This is wrong Poo Bear,’ and he was like, ‘No this is right, it’s just, it’s wrong-right.’ I just had to get used to it.”


[The New York Times / screenshot]

Skrillex: “I feel like you put that song on and most people are going to feel something from it. Maybe I’m sensitive or something but it just made, it just did something.”

Bieber: “Now being 21 and going through some hardships I think that you can hear that in my vocals, you can hear that through the emotion of my voice.”

Skrillex: “If you compare it to a painter, it’s like so much of the process until the eleventh hour is literally just getting colors. You mix a little of this color, that color, you create a new shade or tone that you haven’t seen before.”


[The New York Times / screenshot]

Bieber: “I was like, Diplo, Skrillex, I don’t know if that’s really where I want to go. They did it and I was like, oh my gosh this is blowing my mind.”

Diplo: (On Bieber performing with him on stage) “He’d never been to clubs like a real person, like a 21-year-old person, so I saw him that night and he came in and performed the song live with the cascade remix… he’d never seen adult fans screaming for him because a lot of the time it’s like the 16-year-olds, little kids, but adults, kind of disregard him.”


[The New York Times / screenshot]

Diplo: (On Bieber) “Whether you love him or not he’s a polarizing figure.”

Skrillex: “To me it’s so cool that we’re still in an era where people think that people have no talent if they make computer music. I think it’s awesome. It just shows how young it still is and how relevant it’s going to be for a long time. It’s like, so rebellious in a lot of ways.”

Bonus: In the accompanying written piece, Diplo proclaims that “We made it a song that feels like it’s from the future.”

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