10 Nick Carter Dance Moves We Hope to See on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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Have you seen 'Show 'Em What You're Made Of?'

It’s true: Nick Carter will give all that he has to give on Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars.

On Tuesday, the Backstreet Boy confirmed the news on Twitter, along with a little friendly poke at his soon-to-be-competitors:

Us Weekly was the first to make the announcement. Carter, who said ABC has been after him for DWTS four years in a row, said he’s “excited” about the upcoming season. While it’ll be the singer’s first time on the show, he won’t be the first Carter. Brother Aaron competed on Season 9.

“My brother was on it; he did great; and he’s a great little dancer and entertainer so I saw it through his eyes throughout that experience… there’s a lot of competitiveness in me and I think there’s a little something inside of me that says, ‘Okay, I’m going to go there and represent the Carter name and do even better than what he did!'” [via Us]

Carter, 35, joins previously announced stars Bindi Irwin and Triple Crown prince Victor Espinoza.

In case it’s been too long since you’ve dipped your toes into the BSB video vault, or, in case you are unfamiliar with Carter’s history with dance, we’ve compiled a little refresher. Let’s hope we get to see some of these moves in a routine or two. Carter will compete for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy when DWTS kicks off on Sept. 14.

The Quick Spin (from “We’ve Got It Going On”)


The Flip (from “Get Down”)


The Hands-On-Wet-Face (from “Quit Playin’ Games”)


The Mummy (from “Everybody”)


The Chair (from “As Long As You Love Me”)


The Hat Sway (from “All I Have To Give”)


The Robot (from “Larger Than Life”)


The Finger Point (from “The One” at 2:17 and the Millennium Tour)

The Thrust (from “Just Want You To Know” at 3:27)

The Quick Spin, Updated (from “Straight Through My Heart” at 0:56)

[All GIFs courtesy of Tumblr, Giphy, and PopSugar]