WATCH: 5-Year-Old’s Reaction to a Pregnancy Announcement Will Make You Feel All the Things

21 Celebrity Siblings
For National Siblings Day, naturally.

“Is it rumbling?”

This 5-year-old will definitely, maybe be the best brother in the entire world when his little brother or sister arrives next year. The little dude has become an instant star thanks to his mother Sarah Bromby and the video of her announcing her pregnancy to him.

Some choice quotes from the big brother to be:

“Is that your baby?”

“Is it in your belly now?”

“Is it really in there?”

“He can sleep in my bed… if he wants.”

“I’m going to tell my teacher.”

“Who made it?”

“I can hold it.”

Watch the video, below, and discover just how much you can smile in three minutes.

[h/t Viral Viral Videos]