Jessica Lange Will Definitely Maybe Return to ‘American Horror Story’, Lady Gaga Introduces Her ‘Magical Children’

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Here we have two new pieces exploring the profundity of Ryan Murphy’s unparalleled imagination.

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Jessica Lange will return to the show.

Kinda. Not really.

Well… maybe.

Having previously stated that Lange’s return was “always possible”, Murphy now tells EW, “She’ll be back — she’s not gone forever.” This assertion comes only five months after the actress decidedly claimed that she would be leaving the AHS franchise after the wrap of “Freak Show” (forever).

The Huffington Post suggests that her visit might arrive sooner than later given the knowledge that “Hotel” will revisit the former home of her season 1 character Constance Landon. As it stands in this moment, Lange’s reprise is nothing more than a penciled-in playdate for sometime in the unspecified future.

“She wants to come back,” says Murphy. “we just have to come up with something.”

However, if one thing is for certain this season it’s that Lady Gaga’s character’s children are bite-sized freaks of nature.

Blood may be thicker than water, Gaga, but 2% milk in those bottles would have faired just as well.