Jennifer Lopez Discusses Luxury Clothing and Vegas Residency Costumes with Olivier Rousteing

Jennifer Lopez can rock everything from tight jeans around the block to her infamous booty baring leotards, which she’ll soon be bringing to the Vegas stage.

So when it comes to high-fashion, the stunner knows a thing or two about what she likes.

Lopez is on the cover of this month’s issue of Paper magazine alongside eponymous Kardashian fashion friend Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of the couture Parisian house Balmain.

Together, they spoke about luxury.

J. Lo told the mag why she loves Rousteing’s work:

Wearing them just now, it feels very much like me. I know probably every girl thinks this, and that’s the genius of a designer: everybody who puts it on feels like, “Oh my god, this is made for me!” It’s the velvet, it’s the sparkle; it’s so ready for the spotlight. I think every girl who wears any special thing, they want to feel like they’re a star. And that’s how you feel when you wear one of Olivier’s dresses. Like, “OK, where are we going? There must be something special going on!”

We also love things that were made for us.


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On the question of whether Balmain would be designing any pieces for J. Lo’s upcoming Vegas residency, which starts in January 2016, she admitted it’s something she’s hoping for. Rousteing agreed that he’s all for it. As an iconic celeb pairing, they would be in good company. Lopez explained,

I think of it like Bob Mackie with Cher, or even with Diana Ross. People like that who really created for a singer, a stage performer. You think of Cher at the Oscars — that thing she wore on her head and everyone went, “Who did this?” Again, it was so her and it was so custom made. It goes back to how luxurious it was: you wouldn’t see that everyday. That’s what I imagine the Vegas show to be. I would love to work with Olivier on the show, even if he couldn’t do the whole thing, to really create something timeless. We still talk about those things because they made such a mark, but Bob and Cher had a real relationship. It was those special relationships between designers that really created timeless fashion moments and timeless moments in pop culture.

Of course, clothing has always had a big connection to identity, especially for someone like Lopez who lives in the public eye. She commented, “Pop culture and fashion have always had a correlation, from old Hollywood to contemporary music. As a performer, I know that clothes are an expression of the music I create or the character I play.” Rousteing, meanwhile, praised Jenny from the block on representing the Balmain idea and brand:

For me, Balmain is almost feminist. It’s about the power of girls and women in the world. And that’s why I love Jennifer. All the muses that have inspired me are really strong and they sometimes fight against the world to show their own rules, which I think Jennifer did throughout her career and she’s still doing it. You see many stars today try to look like her. She imposes her own rules. And when I think, “What is the Balmain girl?” it’s this. It’s a woman who knows what she wants and is going to express it.

As for why he likes to work so closely with the royal family of reality TV, Rousteing explained:

It’s what I said — you go and fight against the rules. Like, there’s no taboo. You are who you are and you’re going to show it to the world. And it’s what I’m doing on my own. I’m building my own business, my own story. When I got the [Balmain] job I was 25 and I was not known. I was not this big fashion name. I come from an orphanage. My parents are white, I’m black. Nothing in my life responds to a normal rule. So I love people who are assuming their own lives and showing people that dreams can come true.


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Check out the gallery above to see all the photos from their Paper magazine shoot, photographed by Nicolas Moore and styled by Rob and Mariep.

Rousteing’s H&M collaboration collection will become available starting November 5.