Justin Bieber Will Be on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon Forever, Basically

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You’ll be seeing a lot of Justin Bieber this fall.

Update at 6 p.m. EST: RS has since corrected its story and now reports that Bieber will appear on The Today Show from Sept. 7 to 11. He will be on the Tonight Show on Sept. 2.

The new season of Bieber Fever officially kicked off this morning when the Canadian superstar released his brand new single, “What Do You Mean.” A new single (and album) means there will be a lot of promotional activity, including a stop at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

According to Rolling Stone, Bieber’s stop will be so much more than that. In addition to making a regular appearance next Wednesday (Sept. 2), the Biebs will embark on a weeklong residency from Sept. 7 to 11. His last two residency dates will also include live performance segments.

Bieber’s Tonight Show residency echoes that of fellow Justin and fellow pop megastar Justin Timberlake, who made “Timberlake Tuesdays” a thing in September 2013.

Jimmy Fallon will no doubt have a slew of sketches for the Biebs to take on. Let’s just hope they make time for juice breaks.

CREDIT: NBC/Screenshot

Bieber is scheduled to perform “What Do You Mean” for the first time on TV on Sunday at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.