WATCH: Justin Bieber Frolics in Bed with a Girl in ‘What Do You Mean’ Music Video Teaser

Bieber's Fallon Residency
Get ready for a whole lotta Justin Bieber on the boob tube.

Apologies if watching Justin Bieber getting naked with a chick is not your thing.

In what feels like our 87th Bieber story today, we’re excited to bring you news that the “What Do You Mean” music video now has its first official teaser. The Biebs himself previewed it on Instagram just a few hours ago. There’s a lot of Bieber in his undies (Calvins, hopefully), a sexy time scene with model and rumored girlfriend Xenia Deli, a couple of dudes with scary masks, and respected actor John Leguizamo.


The full video will premiere on Sunday after the VMAs. But let’s be honest here, the VMAs will probably be on the air until 2 a.m. because award shows never finish on time.