LISTEN: Justin Bieber Premieres Belated Summer Anthem ‘What Do You Mean?’

Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Bad Boy Behavior
Sometimes you just have to pee in a bucket.

Do you know what J-Bieb means? Well, it’s okay, because he doesn’t really know either.

Justin Bieber’s single “What Do You Mean?” dropped this morning (Aug. 28) after 30 days of unabashed social media publicity featuring appearances from Ruby Rose, Kylie Jenner, and somehow, Alec Baldwin. Upon a first listen, the track could be described as a belated summer anthem that will soon catch on with middle-aged women as it thumps in their evening Zumba classes. Bieber would partially agree with this assertion—in fact, he already did in an interview with New York’s favorite DJ and long-time Belieber, Elvis Duran.

“The only thing that makes me mad about your single is that we needed it at the beginning of the summer,” Duran tells Bieber, describing it as “a great summer-sounding song”. He asks the singer, “Why’d you wait until autumn?”

Bieber’s response? He simply wasn’t ready.

Continuing in his Apology Tour 2015, Bieber admits to Duran that the past few years of his career have focused on anything but his music as he got caught up in “that life”, making mistakes in Miami. Now, the singer is focused on pushing past the “mixed feelings of awkwardness” that he so described to Duran. He’s figuring out the legacy that he wants to leave behind while creating music the only way he knows how, which is singing from the perspective of 20-something dude who is confused by the indecisiveness 20-something females.

He sounds centered in the interview, acknowledging that the holy trinity in his life as it stands is “growing, eating awesome food, and hanging out with pretty girls”.

Though the hype for a single that will be but a blip in his discography at the end of it all was a tad excessive, it’s endearing. Here is a college junior who is excited about something that he made and can’t wait to share it with friends.

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Listen to “What Do You Mean?” in the video featured above and catch Bieber’s full interview with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show below.