Miley Cyrus Reveals She’s ‘Pansexual’ But ‘Not in a Relationship’ with Stella Maxwell

Ladies and gentlemen, Miley Cyrus is single.

The MTV VMAs host and LGBT advocate opened up to Elle UK about her sexuality, and revealed that she isn’t currently in a relationship.

“I’m very open about it — I’m pansexual. But I’m not in a relationship,” she explained. “I’m 22, I’m going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I’m with.”

Cyrus was last linked to Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell back in early June. There were spotted heavily engaging in PDA back in July, but we haven’t such much of the pair since earlier this month.

The gender fluid singer added, “I don’t relate to what people have made men and women into. I know I’m more extreme and badass than most guys, but that doesn’t make me a boy. And the other night I wore a pink dress because I felt cute. I can bake a cupcake and then go play hockey.”

As for her transition out of being the Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana and into the “Can’t Be Tamed” and “We Can’t Stop” singer we know and love today, Cyrus divulged, “I’ve had really bad anxiety and depression in my life and a lot of that stemmed from the way I look. Now I really try not to give a f*ck. If you’re funny enough and cool enough and confident, that’s what will make you feel beautiful.”

She previously revealed in an interview that playing Hannah Montana had many negative impacts on her body image, so we’re happy to see her living her life as free as possible, two nipple pasties at a time.

Looking back at her Bangerz tour now, though, Cyrus admits, “I was kind of embarrassed that I got paid money to shake my ass in a teddy bear costume. I should not be worth the amount I am while people live on the street.”

The Happy Hippie Founder awesomely appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel this week, clad in nipple pasties and a sparkly getup that made him “embarrassed,” in spite of the fact that that wasn’t her intention. She told him at the time,

My dad’s cool because I’m sure he’d maybe rather not have me have my tits out all the time, but he’d rather me have my tits out and be a good person than have a shirt on and be a bitch. I see a lot of people with their clothes on, and they’re kind of a–holes. I don’t know if it’s the clothes that turn you into an a–hole. When you’ve got your tits out, you can’t really be an a–hole. It’s like, people are already judging you.

Likewise, she told Elle UK, “If you get your t*ts out, and they are all looking, then you can use that space to say something and get them to listen.”

And speak out she does, on behalf of the LGBT community and young people across the nation. But that doesn’t mean she has any plans to go into politics. She explained, “the trouble with politics is that it’s all old men. I don’t want a man to do anything for me because they’re so disorganized. You need a woman in there taking care of sh*t.”

“I couldn’t be [Barack Obama]. There are too many idiots in politics, and I have a short fuse.”

*snaps for Cyrus*

Watch Miley Cyrus host the MTV VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 30.