2015 MTV Video Music Awards: Amber Rose’s Jumpsuit Speaks for Itself

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When you can’t find the words, wear them on a jumpsuit.

ModelAmber Rose and her BFFBlac Chyna arrived to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in matching outspoken attire—Rose in a jumpsuit and Chyna in a dress made out of skin-tight fabric patterned with the words “stripper”, “slut”, “gold digger”, and “whore” among other profanities.

Rose told pre-show host Kelly Osbourne, “I wish I was a whore. My social life would be so much more exciting.”

The duo recently announced that they are getting their own reality show on MTV that focuses on the hot mammas taking care of their children while juggling fame. No word on whether matching attire will be a recurring theme throughout the program.

Launch the gallery above to view the photos of Amber Rose’s jumpsuit!