Nicki Minaj Buries the Hatchet with Taylor Swift, Calls Out Miley Cyrus

Because of course they did.

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift may have had some bad blood for a hot sec leading up to the MTV VMAs, but in the first five minutes of the show, the two ladies have made it clear that there’s definitely no hard feelings between them anymore.

Minaj opened the show with “Trini Dem Girls” and “The Night Is Still Young,” and soon after Swift appeared on stage to join in. Naturally, they then went into a duet of “Bad Blood.”

Obviously, their collaboration was an ode to their short-lived feud a couple weeks back when Swift “misspoke” after assuming Minaj was calling her out after her Video of the Year snub during a Twitter feud.

Meanwhile, Minaj and host Miley Cyrus are embroiled in heated words right now.

Cyrus threw some shade at the “Anaconda” rapper in an interview with The New York Times, and tonight during her acceptance for Best Hip-Hop Video, Minaj threw it right back at Cyrus yelling “Miley, what’s good?”:

Nicki Minaj throws fake shade to miley cyrus at mtv vmas 2015
CREDIT: Tumblr

Fake shade or…?

Update — Aug. 30, 10:50 p.m. ET:

According to an Entertainment Weekly source, Minaj’s Cyrus diss was not staged.

Cyrus did seem taken aback by her words before regaining her composure to continue hosting (or did she…?!):

She added, “We’re all in this industry. We all do interviews. We all know how they manipulate. Nicki, congratulations.”