Here’s Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Music Video in All Its Glory

Taylor Said WHAT?!
Taylor Swift just told Calvin Harris these three words.

We’d like to interrupt your evening with Miley Cyrus and the VMAs to bring you Taylor Swift’s latest music video.

As promised, “Wildest Dreams” officially dropped on Sunday (Aug. 30), complete with all the hot and steamy (and gorgeous) shots of Scott Eastwood and what appears to be the wild.

Naturally, the video is nothing short of amazing if you love watching Taylor frolic in the wild while wearing pretty dresses and making out with Clint Eastwood’s hot son.

Be warned though, these are things you may think about while watching the video for the first or 13th time:

Rihanna’s omelet dress from the Met Gala earlier this year:

CREDIT: YouTube/Screenshot

The Notebook (do you think he also said “It’s still not over?”):

CREDIT: YouTube/Screenshot

Amelia Earhart:

CREDIT: YouTube/Screenshot

Cecil the Lion:

CREDIT: YouTube/Screenshot

The last one is definitely not a coincidence. As indicated at the end of the video, all proceeds from the “Wildest Dreams” video will be donated to the African Parks Foundation of America.

Good work, everyone. Watch the video in full, below.