A ‘Mean Girls’ Candy Line Is Totally Happening

'Mean Girls' Mobile Game
Regina George is coming for Kim Kardashian's empire.

Get in, loser. We’re going shopping!

Dylan’s Candy Bar is making all of our Mean Girls dreams come true by creating a line of candy and sweet treats directly inspired by the movie. Teaming up with Paramount Pictures, the confection store will be rolling out Burn Book Cookies, You Go Glen Coco Hot Chocolate Mix, and — yes, you’re reading this correctly — the movie’s infamous Kalteen bars for consumption.

Other offerings will include apparel like pink tote bags and hair ties, as well as a Mrs. George-approved wine tumbler that reads, “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.”

[Dylan’s Candy Bar]

“There is a reason a movie like Mean Girls is such a hit!” Dylan Lauren, founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar, says in a press release. “The witty dialogue, the authenticity, girl empowerment and friendship… these things are timeless. I can’t wait to share the collection and relive some of the hilarious pop culture references that were inspired by the movie.”

The Mean Girls collection will be made available online and in stores starting Sept. 1. (But none for Gretchen Wieners.)