2015 MTV Video Music Awards: Here’s Every Single Outfit Miley Cyrus Wore

2015 MTV VMAs
Here's everything you need to know from last night's show.
Miley's VMAs
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If you missed last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, you missed one heck of a fashion show by host Miley Cyrus.

By now, we all know the drill when it comes to Miley’s choice of attire at award shows. Expected the unexpected is an understatement. No one — and no material — is safe. And yes, there will be boob. (At least, most of it).

During the broadcast, the 22-year-old donned a whopping 11 ensembles created by the likes of Versace, House of Holland, the Blonds NY, and MAMADOUX by Elliott Beach, and styled by the great Simone Harouche.

From her chandelier-inspired jumpsuit to her plastic Skittles dress, to her tinsel cloak (and matching tinsel headpiece), Miley gave the world plenty of costume ideas for this year’s Halloween.

If you’re feeling a little hung over just from Miley’s eclectic VMAs collection, consider this bonus backstage look. (If you’re going to be this for Halloween, may we suggest a garbage bag or old sheet for the curtain and a microphone. That’s really all you need). That’s right: for a brief moment during the VMAs, Miley’s left boob did some of the hosting. (Naturally, this is NSFW):

Launch the gallery, above, for a roundup of everything Miley wore at the VMAs.