Nicki Minaj Blocked Tara Reid From Crashing Her VIP Section at 1Oak

Miley Cyrus on VMAs Drama
Miley Cyrus had something to say about the Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift beef.

The Weeknd’s album release party on Friday night saw a bunch of celebrities mixing and mingling at 1Oak in West Hollywood, except for Nicki Minaj, who used her security detail to keep Tara Reid at bay.

Before performing at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Nicki Minaj enjoyed a night out with her boyfriend, Meek Mill, and friends in their VIP banquette.

However, a source tells Page Six that when Tara Reid tried to clamor atop the group’s table to start dancing, “Nicki nodded to her security and they stopped Tara in her tracks.”

While it seems that Nicki’s made nice with Taylor Swift, Tara and Miley Cyrus are apparently still on her “not so nice” list.