WATCH: Ryan Murphy Shares Three New Fear-Inducing Teasers for American Horror Story: Hotel

Ryan Murphy knows how to freak us the ef out on a Tuesday morning.

And these are just 15 second teasers…

Murphy shared three new teasers of AHS set in the Hotel Cortez ahead of its October premiere on FX.

The first teaser above entitled “Towhead” (noun: “a person with very blond hair”) features a ghostly group of nine blonde children wearing what looks like private school uniforms, descending the green-hued stairwell one by one. They creepily gather in rows of three at the bottom, all the while the lights flicker. Classic horror story move to include flickering lights, Murphy.

“Sleepwalk” (below) is perhaps the freakiest teaser of all. A forlorn mattress at the end of a hall encloses some poor person shaking in their boots with, you guessed it, fear. Their trembling, naked body gyrates behind the sewed up seam, and suddenly, a pair of extra-large appear and start to cut the string right over the hostage’s eyeball.

In the background, we hear Gaga’s eerie cover of Elvis Presley‘s “Heartbreak Hotel”.

In the third and final teaser “Jeepers Peepers” (below), our gaze is focused on the peephole from Room 64. Suddenly, we see the iris of Evan Peters’ eyeball pop into view as he looks out menacingly. We now know that Peters is the hotel’s original owner, James March. Described as “rich and charming but deeply psychotic” in Entertainment Weekly, March built the “beautiful art-deco” Hotel Cortez in 1930 that is “in actuality, a labyrinthine structure built to hide March’s murderous activities (think dead ends, secret rooms, endless shafts”.


Murphy has previously made mention to Room 64, sharing on Twitter:

On Friday, Murphy shared a new photo of Queen Lady Gaga, who plays the hotel’s current owner Elizabeth, aka The Countess.

AHS: Hotel also stars Sarah Paulson, Max Greenfield, Matt BomerKathy Bates, Angela BassettChloë Sevigny, Finn Wittrock, Wes Bentley, Darren Criss, (surprise) Jessica Lange and many more.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on FX on Oct. 7.