Snooki Says Her Husband Is Too Beautiful for Ashley Madison

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Snooki says Jionni LaValle would use Ashley Madison to cheat on her. Why? Because that place is for ugly people.

Taking to her Naturally Nicole podcast, the Jersey Shore alum responds to rumors that her husband’s email has been linked to a registered account on the dating website. According to Snooki, who married LaValle last November, she’s taking the infidelity reports with a grain of salt.

“I’m lucky if he even knows how to use a computer, [let alone] go on Ashley Madison to cheat on me,” she explains on her show. “Everyone who knows Jionni knew it was bullshit.”

“We honestly think somebody is trying to fuck with us. This isn’t the first story,” Snooki continues, referring to a previous claim that LaValle was unfaithful when he was engaged.  “All these stories never have evidence. There’s never a photo, text message, nothing. How do you run a story without evidence?”

“He wouldn’t go on Ashley Madison and pay money, he’s not an ugly guy, he’s beautiful,” she adds, saying that LaValle would just hook-up with someone at a club if he were to cheat on her.

As for why she hasn’t been seen with her wedding ring? Snooki insists that she didn’t take it because of the rumors.

“I never wear my ring because it falls off,” she says. “Why would I wear it knowing I might lose it?”