WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Proves Kanye West and Donald Trump Might as Well Run for President Together

Kanye West has a big toupee to fill in 2020, though his head is quite inflated already.

After Yeezy announced his decision to run for president in 2020 at the 2015 MTV VMAsJimmy Kimmel made the pointed observation he and Republican candidate Donald Trump have a lot in common on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The men share similar interests including their own opinions, the sound of their own voice, and articulating both with expressive hand gestures.

Kimmel asserted in his introduction to the video that West would “make a compelling candidate”—choice words for the late night host who was caught in a Twitter war with West after his parody of Ye’s perplexing BBC Radio interview went viral.




Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s presidential mash-up in the video featured above and Guillermo’s abridged version of Kanye’s acceptance speech in the video below.